• "I was wholly unprepared for the exceptional skill and aesthetic courage I encountered when I opened the book, skill and courage that remained from the first line to the last. It is so much easier to perform rather than to be honest."

    Robin Coste Lewis, National Book Award winner for Voyage of the Sable Venus.

    "July Westhale’s poetry seems accompanied with a tuning fork’s pitch, a heightened, pressing, weaponized immediacy. Whatever she faced to earn that ability would have killed a lesser mortal, we can be sure."

    Trailer Trash by July Westhale, Booklist

    "Poetry is an art form that is often considered inaccessible, canonical, academic. While it can be all of those things, it can also be hymnal—a kind of homage to the sorts of people whose stories don’t get written and remembered in any other way.

    A radical archive."

    Review of Trailer Trash, Foreword Reviews

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