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Looking for a ghostwriter for your next project? How about an eagle-eyed editor for your manuscript? Need coaching as you navigated the wild world of publishing or freelancing? I’m your femme. Here are a few testimonials from gentle writers I’ve worked with in the past:

“July is adept at tailoring her critiques in keeping with my vision and my voice. She works hard to help my poems become fully realized without inserting another poet’s style. Her suggestions are thorough and insightful, but the ownership remains with me. And July comments on multiple levels: thematically, structurally, grammatically, linguistically, etc. When she returns a critique, I am always impressed with the amount of work she has put into my poems. Her comments inspire in me a new enthusiasm for my own work; I am re-energized and, equipped with a number of July’s suggestions, relish the revision to come. Relish revision – a feat unto itself.” –Aimee Noel

“July Westhale has been a boon to my work. Her incisive commentary has made my poems better, even as she made me calmer about my practice & more confident in my own writing. July will advise over grammar or sentence structure, sure, but she’ll also know what I want to say even when I am not yet saying it. She delivers real, productive suggestions & makes me feel great about receiving/implementing them. She’s become an essential part of my process.” –Joey Gould

“I have always been insecure about my poetry writing skills, but felt that some of my work had promise. July brings the perfect blend of sensitivity, encouragement, and deep analysis to reading work, and made me understand my strengths and where I could grow as a writer. She gave me the confidence to keep working and to share my work with others. I would highly recommend her as an editor, although that word does not do her services justice. Her compassion and commitment to supporting writers in their work is invaluable.” –Julia Sparenburg

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