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July’s poetry has been published in a good number of literary journals and magazines. Here are a select few.

Orchard Burning in Lunch Ticket
Forgiving the Body, in RHINO
Home in The National Poetry Review
Penrose, On asking, and Orchard Burning in Lunch Ticket
Wake, Trailer Trash, and Epilogue in Tupelo Quarterly
Heaven that day old bread, Death and the School Bus in Eleven Eleven
[johnny appleseed], in The East Bay Review
Dead Mom Reprise, You Can Lead a Horse to Water, Cootie Catcher in Thin Noon
If V. Woolf filled her pockets with balloons instead of rocks in burntdistrict
Existential Crisis at 3 AM, and Conversation Among Dirt Before Rain in COG
Town Water Supply Contaminated, Female Teenagers to Blame, in Quarterly West

Forget roses. Forget forget-me-nots. Forget bulbs that wait forever
to finally shoot into recognition months later. Plant rows and rows
of dead mom, because it will seed like crazy, and you will never be able to kill it.

-Dead Mom Reprise, Thin Noon



A Terrible, Far Away Place (Editor’s Choice Award), Inscape
Hello, Typewriter, Litseen
Staff writer at Autostraddle
Staff writer at The Establishment
My Sweet, Wounded Queers, The Huffington Post


Keep dreaming of the day when you feel safe enough to kiss in public, and do it deeply and do it kindly and do it like you’ve always dreamed the world would embrace.

My Sweet, Wounded Queers: Keep Kissing In Public, The Establishment