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Over the last several years, I’ve been honored to read and be interviewed on a number of media outlets I admire.

  • I was lucky enough to be interviewed on The Last Word, WAYO 104.3FM. Rochester’s local radio station! Listen here.
  • Lauren Camp featured poems from “Trailer Trash” on her radio hour, Audio Saucepan, over at KSFR, along with work by Tony Hoagland and Jessica Piazza.
  • I was recently an invited guest on Martha Grover’s podcast, PDX Darlings. We talk imposter syndrome. We talk Elizabeth Taylor. We talk World War II. We talk hot beans.
  • Eric Molinsky reached out to me after reading my piece on Harry Potter and PTSD on The Establishment. He ended up interviewing both me and Sarah Gailey on Panoply’s very own Imaginary Worlds.
  • Audrey Camp interviewed me on the writing hustle on The Postmaster’s Podcast.
  • When “The Cavalcade” came out, Jen Fitzgerald featured it on her chapbook podcast, New Books Network.

Interested in having me talk or read on one of your own media projects? I love radio as a form and medium, so please reach out!